God’s plans

For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord. A cliché verse I know. It’s nice to plan and dream about how life should go and how certain boxes should be ticked by a certain age. God says he knows the plans he has for me. It may not be what I have in mind but they are His plans and I am learning to trust him.

Bisous xx



Haven’t blogged in a while- that’s not good at all. So this year has already been eventful- the Capitol wahala in the US, Trump no longer president of the US, the COVID vaccine has been rolled out and then the Meghan interview with Oprah. Whew!

Anyway this year I have three goals:

1. Become a confident cook (don’t laugh)

2. Lose about 7kg

3. Read through the Old Testament

In other news, because of COVID, I work in shifts so I get to work for three days and then I am off for another 3. Que mas? Tired of my signature bun. I really need to look for new hairstyles.

Current challenge? Absence of WiFi at home and so I am constantly buying data. Reliable and fast internet is an absolute must!!!! Oh also , just remembered- at the end of January, my phone fell and the screen got spoilt so let’s just say I have left the Android family and become a member of the Apple family although quite frankly, sometimes I no dey see top for the phone inside.

COVID should hurry up and leave so that I can go swimming and go to the beach cos I really miss that. Finally, I am gonna be 33! As in approaching my mid thirties, as in man dey grow!!! On that note, goodnight.

Bises xx

P.S. Adulting dey be!


Buenas noticias!

It’s always refreshing to receive good news-especially when you least expect it. So on Friday, I received an email from my school informing me that I had passed my thesis. All those who are close to me know that the word ‘thesis’ brings about some trauma lol.. Man has really br3. It was so good to know that I had passed this thesis that I submitted at the end of September. I am officially done with school! F-I-N-I.

Also, over the weekend, my little sister got married! It was such a beautiful and joyous occasion and I am so happy for her. So lets just say the year is ending on a good note and we pray for God’s continued protection for the rest of the year.

Bises xxx


Boss chick

So I realised a major difference between teaching and working in an office. As a teacher, you are used to giving out instructions- you give students assignments and projects to do. I mean you may have a head of department you have to report to, but you are at liberty to structure classes the way you like- you are the boss. In the corporate world, you are not the boss. You are given tasks to do and you do them. I wanna be my own boss.




If only procrastination was a good thing…

Just some food for thought.

At what age does one stop procrastinating?

Is there a good side to procrastination?

Why is it so easy to plan but not half as easy to execute the plan?

How do you deal with procrastination?

Bises xxx



So we came back, we did our 2 week quarantine and then we resumed work. I finally got to meet by 9 month old nephew and see my grandpa. It’s been great being back. Of course, things are different cos of corona. I started walking in the area with my uncle and each time we go out, we have to wear masks. I am still in the same bureau and I work every other week. Again, a mask is mandatory- you kind of get used to it. Outside a lot of shops, there is a veronica bucket where you have to wash your hands before you enter the shop. In bigger places like Marina Mall, your temperature is taken before you enter the mall. I started walking on campus at the beginning of the month,but not with the same people. At the moment, my headache is finishing my thesis which is due at the end of the month. It’s really good to be back. I have been enjoying Ghanaian food for the past 6 weeks and have seen family and friends. There is no place like home.

Bises xxx


No sé

So thanks to this Covid 19 pandemic, I have learnt the importance of routine and social interaction. As much as waking up early is always a struggle, at least time goes faster when you have to wake up early and report somewhere hehe. It’s healthy to have a routine otherwise you end up wasting alot of time.

Secondly, social interaction is crucial. During the lockdown, I was with 7 other African students and I am sure that is what kept me sane. It’s always nice to have people around to talk to.

C’est tout.




So the course is over and the only outstanding thing is a thesis to submit in about 4 months. Currently, the issue is whether I’ll be able to return home on the scheduled date. The government is organising flights for Ghanaians stranded abroad and so it’s just a matter of time till I go back to Ghana. It has definitely been an experience.

I can’t wait to see my grandpa as well as my 8 month old nephew. Oh I forgot to add that when I get to Ghana, I’ll have to be quarantined for a couple of weeks. It shouldn’t be too bad chale.

God has been faithful. We’re half way through the year and He continues to guide us in everything we do.

Bises xxx


Our Day

Tomorrow is my ‘our day’. Basically by 1pm tomorrow I will be done with classes and will just need to work on my thesis. What an 8 month journey it’s been. I remember attending my first class and wondering how I was going to survive. Two days ago, during a presentation I realised that I could understand most of what was being said hehe.

Initially, a closing ceremony was supposed to be held in June but now it will be done virtually. I feel really proud of myself for going through this course. God has been faithful.

Bises xxx



I think people say ‘Finish hard’ because finishing is hard. I have had online class since the beginning of the month and

will be done at the end of May. Also by the end of the month, I will have an Arabic exam and also have to give a 15 minute presentation for a module I am taking. Next week Friday, I have to submit an assignment. You would think I would give this my all because in a matter of 2 weeks I will be done right?? But no! I am struggling to find vim to do what needs to be done.

Let’s just say I have been sleeping during my online classes hehe, turning off my video during my Arabic classes on zoom and barely making progress with my assignment.

In summary, it’s not easy but it is well.

Bises xxx